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Rate and Booking Info

I charge $175 per hour for larger projects that take multiple sessions. For pieces that can be done in one-shot, I charge a fixed price based on size, location and complexity. For special rates for active military and first responders please contact me.

Consultations, drawing time, and materials are included. I start charging when I start tattooing. 

I require a $150 deposit for smaller (one-shot) projects and $500 deposit for larger, multi-session projects. The deposit is applied to the cost of your tattoo.

I work Tuesday - Friday and a couple Saturdays per month. I work by appointment but I am happy to take walk-ins or same day appointments when my schedule allows. Please call the shop or email me about availability.

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My passion is making permanent images on skin that are durable, powerful and as unique as the folks who wear them. I dig larger, more complex pieces but I am down to work on most projects that allow for creative latitude. Anything with skulls, scales, claws, horns, feathers, tentacles, fur or big pointy teeth gets special attention. I also enjoy doing pinups, nautical stuff, flowers, portraits, lettering, some forms of tribal and sacred geometry. Click the “hit me up’ button to get started.

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